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Project SPIRiT

Project SPIRiT: Suicide Prediction In Real-Time

Principal Investigator: Kirsty A. Clark, PhD, MPH

Funder: National Institute of Mental Health (K01 MH125073)

LGBTQ+ adolescents are at increased risk for suicide. The overarching goal of this project is to conduct an intensive longitudinal smartphone study to examine the influence of stigma-related stressors (e.g., bullying, identity concealment) and universal suicide precursors (e.g., hopelessness) on suicidal ideation among LGBTQ+ adolescents with histories of suicidal ideation. This project is being conducted in the local context of the US Southeast, where LGBTQ+ adolescents face high exposure to stigma. 

We are currently in Phase I of this project, where we are conducting interviews and focus groups with LGBTQ+ adolescents and their parents/caregivers to more fully understand the experiences of stigma and stress of LGBTQ+ adolescents in Tennessee and the broader US Southeast. These interviews will help us to develop the most culturally resonant smartphone study that we will deploy in Phase II. 

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